Be a Hero & Mentor. Be the Difference. Emotional support and Suicide Prevention

 Expertly-designed software, easy-to-use interface.   Strictly confidential communication with your chosen team.  Information not shared with anyone you do not authorize. 

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EMO & 1st Responders

Emergency Workers


Sometimes the strongest people need a little help to express emotions after a traumatic event.  With the use of Emo, 1st responders. can build a team that they can trust to share  their emotions. 

Law Enforcement


Law Enforcement officers are on the front line everyday and handle emotional stressors daily, some even traumatic   Emo can provide a strictly confidential safe place for law enforcement teams, to be able to share emotions within their own chosen teams.  This allows for direct support for the officer.

Fire Fighters


Fire fighters are in the hottest conditions, battling blazes that consume communities, and destroy lives.  These 1st responders will be able to share their thoughts and emotions on the battling of each fire or rescue call  They are able to communicate confidently with their chosen Emo team members.

Emo - Emotional Message Outlet


We are here to help our 1st responders with an emotional application to combat suicide prevention and share emotional status.