Emo Emotional Message Outlet

Emotional Support & Suicide prevention

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Emo Emotional Message outlet

Emotional Support


 Charted Emojis

 Daily, Weekly, or Monthly charts, of the emojis, can help give insight for emotional support, for you, a friend or family member. 

Private Messages

Send confidential messages to your team members.  Asking for help is not a weakness. 

Generate excitement


EMO calendar mobile app


 Emojis are used everyday in normal text message. 92% of the world's online population uses emojis.  Now you can use emojis to your advantage to communicate in stressful times. You will be able to events that might have troubled you through your responses. 

Bubble words

Sharing bubble words with your team members makes communication exciting. 



Share Information

The mobile application allows users to share their calendar information with selected team members.  They may also change their team members for the best possible fit for emotional support.


Users have the ability to change the notification settings and preferred language.  



Personalize Emo

Emo can be downloaded for any user and simple to use.  Want to change the daily question within the mobile application? You Can!  Want to change the emojis? You Can!  Emo is here to help with the emotional support of loved ones.  It is our goal to keep users staying alive.



Daily Mood Checks 

Users can monitor themselves to learn triggers, triggering events, and have insight into mood flows.  Users can share their emotions with friends or providers to help with emotional support.

About Us



Emo supports are Veterans.  Thank you for your service.  We are here to help with the struggles of lack of communication.  We have provided an emotional support mobile application to help everyone in need with staying alive and loved. Emo users can send daily check-ups to loved ones.  

1st Responders


Without our first responders we would live in a chaotic world.  First responders need emotional support, through emojis and communication, that is confidential.  Our mobile application is a way to stay connected and in touch with team members.  We need are first responders to know they are loved and worth staying alive.



Our youth are suffering with so much negativity in this world.  They are need of emotional support and help with staying alive. Have peace of mind with your child, sharing their daily emotions with you through this mobile application.  Healthy communication is beneficial to a family as a whole.

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Your support  will enable us to meet our goals and improve communication for many in need. 

Your purchase of a raffle ticket will fund our mission to save lives and help to make the Emo calendar, FREE for all.

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Emotional Message Outlet (EMO CALENDAR)

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