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Emotional Message Outlet (EMO)


Emotional Message Outlet (EMO), LLC., is an interactive mobile application that allows veterans to express emotional state periodically during the day.  The purpose for the Emo application is to help prevent suicide in returning veterans and veterans in need.  Emo is designed to ask questions to base mood and provide motivational phrases throughout the day.  Once the veteran responds by emoji, bubble words, or text, that information is gathered in a calendar format.  Information provided by users will allow family members and veterans to share emotional concerns in a short amount of time.  Emo is bringing the battle buddy system home to our families.

Veteran Suicide Prevention.

Generate excitement


 Will have different categories like “Smileys”, "Military", “Food”, or “Objects." 

Bubble words

Will have different categories to make it easier for users.

Share Information

The app allows users to share their calendar information with selected users.


The user also has the ability to change the notification settings and preferred language.

Communitcate around the world

Battle Buddies and team members can communicate around the world with each other to maintain a great emotional support team for the veteran.

Know that someone has your 6.


Team Members or Battle Buddies will receive the answers to the questions asked to keep everyone abreast of current mood of the veteran.  

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Emotional Message Outlet (EMO)